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Showing 1–20 of 24 results

Napalm Custom carbon fiber skateboards

Our high-quality carbon fiber skateboards are made to last. Most skateboarders found our strong skateboard decks unbreakable. There are only handful of skaters that has managed to snap our boards.

Most of our boards are used for street skating. However, we manufacture a lot of different boards. From light & small kids boards to stiff and robust vert skateboards. Most of our boards are 5-plys. We manufacture also 4-ply and 3-ply skateboards to give you the lightest board on the market for shredding purposes. We’re not only manufacturing with carbon fiber. We also have fiberglass, hemp and flax reinforced skateboards.

We have brought back slick graphics from the past. The everslick boards were common in the ‘90s. The slick bottom skateboard decks will slide a faster and longer while not tearing the graphics. Besides the basic popsicle shaped decks, we have twin tip boards for street and parks. We also have a huge variation of pool skateboard shapes.

We support our local scene

All of our carbon fiber skateboard decks are made in Europe. To be more precise, they’re made in Tampere, Finland. By buying Napalm Custom carbon fiber skateboards, you will have a pop that will last for the whole life of your skateboard. Besides making you happy for having a best skateboard in the world, you support skater owned business where workers are also skaters. And we’re giving some of it back to our local skateboarding scene by sponsoring our riders and events.

napalm dark fiber bottom deck
Napalm dark fiber bottom deck