About Us

Modern wooden skateboards are products of evolution. The evolution unfortunately stopped in the nineties, when popsicle decks was invented. Skateboarding continues to evolve. Pro skateboarders snaps their boards almost every day. Stronger skateboards needed to be developed. Our mission is to manufacture Canadian maple boards with fiber reinforcements to make decks tolerate more wear, tear and impact and which pop way better than any wooden decks in the matket.

Another thing that needed to evolve in skateboards is the board dimensions. Why skateboard length and wheelbase is not often announced? Should tall people use longer decks? Based on our personal experience as tall skateboarders, yes! Deck’s wheelbase and length is often more important than deck width. By trying out what dimensions fits for you, you can get the most out of your skateboard. That’s why we want to manufacture a custom boards for unique skateboarders. All our boards are hand made in Tampere, Finland.

Read about our boards and how we can customize your board at Boards page or head to browse the Shop.