Tensor Mag Light Trucks – Black 5.5″


The Tensor Mag light is the lightest truck ever made! Hollow steel kingpin and axle combined with magnesium hanger making the truck 30% lighter than any other truck ever made. These light Tensor magnesium trucks will make your tricks pop higher.

  • Reg/high (55mm axle height)
  • Super light truck (259 g)
  • Magnesium grinds really fast
  • Reinforced hanger
  • Interlocking bushings for better control
  • Lower kingpin for better grind clearance
  • New all terrain geometry
  • Sold as pair

5.5″ hanger width is best fit for 8.125″ to 8.375″ skateboards.

In stock



The Tensor Mag light skateboarding trucks are the lightest trucks ever made! This is made possible by magnesium hanger with hollow axle and kingpin. In addition to making the truck really light, magnesium also grinds exceptionally well. After you grind with these trucks, you’ll never want to get back to aluminum trucks.

The new All Terrain Geometry has a lot of improvements compared to the old Tensor Mag Light trucks. Truck height has been increased to allow smoother turns without wheelbites. The kingpin has been lowered to let you have more dipped smith grinds without kingpin hangups.  The redesign of the geometry has improved the turning of the truck in addition to making it stronger and even lighter. The All Terrain truck has also interlocking bushings that let’s you have more control on your skateboard. The new truck geometry is so strong that it has lifetime guarantee!

There’s something similar on these trucks and Napalm Custom skateboards. Both are really lightweight and best suited for tolerating rough skateboarding abuse. Pair your Tensor magnesium trucks with our carbon fiber decks to get the most out of your complete!